First Date Jitters? Take Her to a Concert

Concerts make great first datesBy RACHELLE WILBER for MUSIC THINK TANK. First dates can be exciting, but a little overwhelming. What will you wear? What will you talk about? Will he or she like you? Before long, a laundry list of questions has taken over your brain until you eventually develop a case of the first date jitters. But don’t let the anxiety of your first date ruin the night before it even starts. Here’s five ways to make sure your first date goes smoothly.
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3 Ways Your Band Can Use Creativity to Make More Money

Make more moneyMoney. Many artists struggle with it: either we’re poor at managing income or we lack creativity in getting it. It’s clear that with the shape of the music industry, most artists aren’t making a living from record sales. So how are they getting the support that they need?

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Sonic Branding: Tips on Writing Music For Commercials

Writing Commercial MusicLet’s start with a little experiment – think about NBC.

Did you visualize the rainbow peacock logo?

More importantly: did you did you hear the NBC chimes?

The chimes associated with the NBC Network are an example of sonic branding. Just as brands rely on a certain color palette, typography, or a particular image, brands may also establish a connection to a particular song, jingle, or series of notes (as NBC does with the G3, E4, and C5, for you music theory folks out there).
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3 Tips For Expanding Your Career Beyond Music

Career MusicianLimiting your options to being only a musician is like saying you’re only going to try one instrument. The journey is the destination, and most successful musicians ended up where they are not because of their musical abilities but because of their abilities to venture into other areas of business.
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New Hashtags Dos And Don’ts

HashtagsPromotion via social media is a complex and ever-changing beast, with little consistency. Here we look at several dos and don’ts when it comes to marketing using hashtags, such as where and when they should be employed for maximum effectiveness.
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Musical Inventions In The 21st Century

Music InventionsThe 21st century is shaping up to be a very interesting decade for music. How we listen and create this ancient art has changed dramatically with the explosion of technological innovation. Ways of composing and creating that were common to past decades have swiftly become obsolete. In this short article, we will take a look at a few of the major innovations of the 21st century that have had a profound effect on music.
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Practice Makes Perfect! Small Steps, Big Results

Practice makes perfectWe all know that musical excellence results from smart, steady practice over a span of years.

Still, it isn’t always easy for us to practice deliberately day after day.

The following 6 strategies help us stay on track and proceed step by step to achieving boundless artistic growth.
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A Day In The Life Of A Full-Time Musician

Full Time MusicianThis post was written by Joy Ike and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.

If you ask any full-time artist, they’ll probably admit that their daily schedule is an ever-changing, overwhelming wild beast that can’t be tamed.

As someone who has been living as a full-time artist for the last 8 years, I’ve established somewhat of a routine, but it’s constantly changing based on outside factors, how I feel, or a last-minute gig opportunity that completely derails my to-do list for the day.

For the most part I’ve determined that I personally have 3 types of schedules:

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